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Srimad Bhagavatam 10.15.33-37

Text 33

tenahato maha-talo
vepamano brihac-chirah
parsva-stham kampayan bhagnah
sa canyam so 'pi caparam

Lord Balarama threw the dead body of Dhenukasura into the tallest palm tree in the forest, and when the dead demon landed in the treetop, the tree began shaking. The great palm tree, causing a tree by its side also to shake, broke under the weight of the demon. The neighboring tree caused yet another tree to shake, and this one struck yet another tree, which also began shaking. In this way many trees in the forest shook and broke.

Text 34

balasya lilayotsrishta-
talas cakampire sarve
maha-vaterita iva

Because of Lord Balarama's pastime of throwing the body of the ass demon into the top of the tallest palm tree, all the trees began shaking and striking against one another as if blown about by powerful winds.

Text 35

naitac citram bhagavati
hy anante jagad-isvare
ota-protam idam yasmims
tantushv anga yatha patah

My dear Parikshit, that Lord Balarama killed Dhenukasura is not such a wonderful thing, considering that He is the unlimited Personality of Godhead, the controller of the entire universe. Indeed, the entire cosmos rests upon Him just as a woven cloth rests upon its own horizontal and vertical threads.

Text 36

tatah krishnam ca ramam ca
jnatayo dhenukasya ye
kroshtaro 'bhyadravan sarve
samrabdha hata-bandhavah

The other ass demons, close friends of Dhenukasura, were enraged upon seeing his death, and thus they all immediately ran to attack Krishna and Balarama.

Text 37

tams tan apatatah krishno
ramas ca nripa lilaya
prahinot trina-rajasu

O King, as the demons attacked, Krishna and Balarama easily seized them one after another by their hind legs and threw them all into the tops of the palm trees.